Telos Impact is the “fellow-traveller” for investors and philanthropists who wish to give meaning to their patrimony by supporting societal innovation. Contribute to happiness, create a more inclusive, prosperous and sustainable society.


Our job and our vocation is to make every effort to facilitate and realise an altruistic approach, from philanthropy to impact investing. Giving meaning to your patrimony by investing it effectively for society is a difficult task. The role of Telos Impact is to make your commitment professional and exciting.


Telos Impact brings the capacity, energy and knowledge to allow you to make a tangible and lasting impact on society. We bring together a team of professionals who use their talents to serve philanthropists and investors who want to challenge the status quo and make an impact.


At Telos Impact, we believe that happiness is linked to citizen engagement. We therefore advocate happy and successful commitment! Our corporate culture is built around four values.



Some of our customers are at the beginning of their commitment, others are already more experienced.


Our clients are individuals, families, family groups, foundations and companies that want to wisely allocate part of their wealth and potentially also their time to a positive impact project, with or without a financial return.

Telos Impact works exclusively on the basis of the mandates entrusted by its clients. In order to ensure complete independence in its advice, Telos Impact does not advise funds, associations, banks or organisations as part of their fundraising strategy.


Families and individuals: investing with impact

All our clients are concerned about the future of the world we live in. To the eyes of the rest of the world, they have access to exceptional resources, whether through their leadership role, their network or their patrimony. Telos Impact helps them move from ideas to action, encourages them in their commitment and, through this, helps them to give meaning to their patrimony.

Structuring and creating your foundation or impact investing portfolio

Supporting in management of your philanthropy and/or impact investing endeavours: following-up and coaching the projects you support in order to increase your impact

Training and introducing your children to philanthropy and impact investing

Foundations and companies: increasing the impact

Our clients want to increase their impact by going beyond the logic of traditional donations.

Strategic advice for foundations: research, analysis, impact strategy, impact measurement, good governance

Setting up and managing Collective Impact programs: uniting and aligning several philanthropic players, public authorities and academics around common issues in order to increase their impact

Capacity building: coaching management teams, setting up project follow-up and monitoring tools, delivering trainings on specific topics related to philanthropy, impact assessment or impact investing, or related to specific themes (e.g. education)


Telos Impact sets its fees in complete transparency with its clients in a logic of fair remuneration. These fees are set according to the nature, difficulty and time devoted to the mission entrusted to Telos Impact. Fee amounts may be set with an hourly rate, a lump sum for the entire mission, or a percentage of the amounts donated/invested.


Solving the most complex challenges of our society requires the most talented people. We want to build a company that attracts, develops and retains exceptional people.


Are you looking to match professional development and meaningful impact?

We are always looking for talent!

Telos Impact does not raise funds for organisations and does not consider unsolicited applications. We therefore proactively thank associations and social enterprises for not contacting us.