At Telos Impact, we are aware of the significant challenges our communities will face and we are convinced that solutions can be found in philanthropic and impactful investment approaches.

Encouraging, guiding, connecting. These keywords underline our efforts to create this impact. Our team collaborates with the world’s top philanthropists and impact investors.

Telos Impact offers expertise, networks, and information enabling our clients to have a concrete, long-term impact on society.

We develop the sector’s financial capabilities, and we offer high-quality guidance to entrepreneurs and associations who benefit from our clients’ support. In short, we maximize their impact.


We have unique skills that allow us to combine Venture Philanthropy with Impact Investing

As advisors, we operate in the long term. Within one single entity, we are impact-investment company managers, foundation managers, and a unique network of philanthropists and investors. In Europe, and worldwide.

We focus on financing solutions offering systemic impact potential.

Based in Brussels and in Paris, our team includes 20 enthusiastic experts dedicated to maximizing our clients’ and partners’ impact.

We are leaders in Europe in this capacity. Over the last five years, Telos Impact has helped clients deploy over 100 million Euro. Our ambition is to deploy 1 billion Euro by 2030.

We assume this meaningful mission with excitement and commitment.


At Telos Impact, we believe that progress is founded on socially responsible involvement. We advocate happy and successful commitment! Our corporate culture is based on four intertwined values that together form a virtuous circle. These four values all inspire our projects and give them meaning



Telos Impact acts as a travel companion for investors and philanthropists who seek to meaningfully orient their assets by supporting social-responsible innovation. Our purpose is to contribute to happiness for all and create a more inclusive, prosperous, and sustainable society.

Our clients are entrepreneurs, families, corporations, and foundations.


All our clients are concerned with the future of the world in which we live and want to expand their societal impact beyond traditional donation and investment processes. Telos Impact guides them on their journey from ideas to action: we foster their commitment and contribute to the collective purpose and dedication of their assets.

Venture Philanthropy

Impactful giving for a better world

We help our clients maximize their philanthropic projects. From foundation creation to onsite project achievement, we show them how to transform dreams into results with concrete and sustainable impact.


We help our clients define their objectives, create a legal frame for their structure, identify ambitions impact strategies, and implement efficient governance. In addition, we offer training sessions.


We help our clients identify, select, and expand high-quality projects. Once associations have been selected, we guide them and strengthen their capacities to ensure sustainable impacts. We have also developed thematic expertise to guarantee the depth of our analysis and the relevance of the solution suggested by the association. We provide administrative management of foundations as well as the option of incubating or managing a foundation ad interim.

Advisory Services

Our team guides clients through specific advisory missions. These missions are diverse and can include the following: impact strategy revision, governance transition, analysis of societal issues, commitment levels of employees of family members, partnership creation (i.e. collective impact), project sourcing and assessment, societal impact measurements, and training.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at info@telosimpact.com

Impact investing

For investors

We provide advice to families, individuals, and asset managers who dedicate their assets to protecting human beings and the environment.
We provide investors with our networks and expertise, enabling them to deploy assets in pioneer companies that provide tangible and significant answers to the challenges of our times.

Structuring & managing investment vehicles

Goal identification, legal structuring, sourcing, due diligence, monitoring investments, impact measurement

Impactful co-investments

Sharing investment opportunities within our client network

Advisory Services

Specific advisory missions: due diligence, impact analysis, thematic research

For entrepreneurs and fund managers

We identify companies and investment funds that provide significant, concrete solutions to the environmental and societal challenges listed below. Our average ticket is two million euros.

Sustainable food & food waste

Circular models

Plastic pollution

Water quality and scarcity

Carbon emission capture and reduction

We are proud to support:

Don’t hesitate to contact us at investing@telosimpact.com


Our team is our greatest force.
Solving the most complex challenges of our society requires high-quality team members. We are building a company that attracts, develops, and retain enthusiastic individuals.
At Telos, we are fostering a caring and collaborative culture to allow each employee to grow and develop talent for maximum impacts.

ADW_8512 A.de Wilde A. de Wilde

Anne-Catherine Vincke

Venture Philanthropy Senior Associate
ADW_4539 A. de Wilde 1

Aude Ollé-Laprune

Venture Philanthropy Manager
ADW_8796 A.de Wilde A. de Wilde

Baptiste de Fraipont

CFO & Talent Manager
ADW_8580 A.de Wilde A. de Wilde

Baptiste Le Clerc

Impact Investing Associate
DSC_3340 A.de Wilde A. de Wilde

Caroline Philippe

Impact Investing Manager
ADW_8656 A.de Wilde 1 A. de Wilde

Constance Albanel

Venture Philanthropy Senior Associate
ADW_4416 A. de Wilde 1

Emilie Ralet

Office Manager
ADW_8416 A.de Wilde A. de Wilde

Flavie Gayet

Impact Investing Manager
ADW_4470 A. de Wilde 1

Frédéric Bérard

Venture Philanthropy & Business Development Manager
ADW_8426 A.de Wilde A. de Wilde

Géraldine Goubau

Venture Philanthropy Manager
ADW_8752 A.de Wilde A. de Wilde

Guillaume Boury

Impact Investing Senior Associate
ADW_4454 A. de Wilde 1

Jacques de T'Serclaes

Impact Investing Senior Manager
DSC_3427 A.de Wilde A. de Wilde

Laetitia Mairlot

Venture Philanthropy Senior Associate

Louise d'Aspremont

Venture Philanthropy Associate
DSC_1875 A. de Wilde b A. de Wilde

Marc Flammang

Founder & Managing Director
ADW_4486 A. de Wilde

Marc Pittie

Head of Venture Philanthropy
ADW_4354 A. de Wilde 1

Quentin Stévenart

Venture Philanthropy Senior Associate
ADW_8721 A.de Wilde A. de Wilde

Rosalie Henry

Venture Philanthropy Associate
DSC_3298 A.de Wilde A. de Wilde

Stéphanie van Eetvelde

Venture Philanthropy Senior Associate