Telos Impact is the traveling companion of investors, philanthropists, companies, and public institutions that that want to have a positive and sustainable impact on society. Our services are developed around social innovation to meet the challenges of tomorrow: impact investment, venture philanthropy, and CSR strategy.

We provide support while maintaining the utmost discretion.

I wanted to help make the world better, worried about making the right choices and guided by your expertise that you keep at the forefront of what is being done. All this in confidence, with great discretion and with the mentoring of a demanding team.
I also liked the idea of connecting our energies and means with other families. Telos client
Impact Investing Foundations & Venture Philanthropy Sustainability, CSR and Impact Strategy

Impact Investing

We support families, individuals, and asset managers who put their wealth to serve the environment and society. From private equity activities to selecting impact funds, we bring our expertise and network to deploy private capital in pioneering companies providing tangible and impactful solutions to the challenges of our time.


Stellar Impact : Since 2018, Telos Impact has managed this evergreen family investment vehicle to solve environmental challenges. Stellar is a venture capital vehicle investing primarily in high-growth European companies.

Climate Fund : Building on its experience, Telos is currently developing a Climate Fund that invests in the best European private equity managers who are dedicated to environmental solutions.

Impact Co-Investments: Sharing opportunities with our network of clients for the best direct investments in the top portfolio companies.


Tailored Wealth Advice : Telos advises individuals, families, and foundations in the diversification of their wealth while assuring the right match of impact and return. After having clarified the financial goals, we conduct research to identify investment opportunities, due diligence, and monitor portfolio investments.

Strategic and Thematic Advice: Telos carries out thematic studies and analyses on impact investment strategies. Telos also conducts due diligence missions on an ad hoc basis.

Structuring and Creating Investment Vehicles: defining objectives and the impact investment strategy, setting up the governance and legal structure.

Training : Telos organizes workshops for NextGens as well as training for family groups and Family Offices who want to learn more about the world of impact investing.

Our portfolio

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Foundations & Venture Philanthropy

We handle all the stages in the life of a foundation: creating the foundation, establishing its strategy, project sourcing, due diligence, and monitoring beneficiaries, measuring impact, communication, and administrative management.

Foundation Management:

Project Selection and Monitoring: We identify, select, and help quality projects grow in one or more given sectors. Once the projects are selected, we support them and strengthen their capacities to achieve a lasting impact.

Foundation Operations: We organize site visits, manage internal and external communication, ensure the involvement of members of the family or employees, provide training, and arrange restitution meetings, conferences, and award ceremonies.
Thematic Expertise: We have developed thematic expertise that will guarantee in-depth sector analyses and allow us to select the most promising solutions offered by associations.

Administrative Management: We organize meetings and governance, as well as administrative and financial monitoring as needed.
Impact Measurement: We define the desired long-term impact, establish the Theory of Change, and finally, we measure the impact of projects supported and the foundation itself.

Incubation and interim management of a foundation.


Telos Impact offers strategic advice to existing foundations thanks to our numerous areas of expertise.

Foundation Structuring and Creation: We work to define the objectives, create a legal structure, identify an ambitious impact strategy, and establish an effective governance.

Strategic and Thematic Advice: These missions are varied: assessment of the impact of the foundation, revision of an impact strategy, governance transition, analysis of societal issues, level of commitment of employees or family members, creation of partnerships (i.e. collective impact), project sourcing and evaluation, measuring social impact, training.

Training : We run training for family groups and Family Offices who want to discover the world of philanthropy and venture philanthropy.

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Sustainability, CSR and Impact Strategy

Many companies consider Sustainable Development as a central element of their strategy. Telos Impact supports them (management and/or shareholders) in identifying their mission and the impact they can have on the world.

Impact Mission: We help define the social mission of the company, involving stakeholders, and implement activities to reach these objectives.

ESG: We organize the critical analysis of the Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria and establish recommendations to be implemented.

BCorp: We help companies obtain B-Corp certification.

Measuring Impact: Measuring impact makes it possible to adapt your strategy over the years. We help foundations and investment funds implement their Theory of

Change. This tool helps them to measure the impact of their action. Through this work, our clients can adapt their strategy and increase the relevance of their action.

Training: We offer our clients a wide range of training in line with our subjects of expertise.

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